Torontos Best Christmas Cookies

Toronto's best Christmas cookies are here with some of the most unique flavours from Foxies Bakeshop! Handcrafted 4 once cookies are rolled and baked to perfection! Just in time to spruce up your holiday season we bring you the best Cookies in Toronto! In a variety of seasonal flavours that will be sure to lift your holiday spirits this year! From Gingerbread cookie stuffed with shortbread to our soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies, it’s the perfect way to have cookies and milk left out for Santa, as we know cookies are essential to so many Christmas traditions.

All cookies come individually wrapped being the perfect Holiday party treat! Foxies assorted box of 12 or Gift baskets have unlimited options of stuffed cookies with your flavour choice! Be sure to check this out for the most delicious cookies! Toronto’s best stuffed cookies will warm your heart, satisfy your sweet tooth and best of all support local businesses!