About Us

Our Story:

It all started when Carly was a little girl in the kitchen always wanted to help her mom with anything baking related. Her sister Jessica would always stand by watching and want to lick the spoon after each batch of cookie dough was made. Many years later Carly attended George Brown College for Baking and Pastry Arts in Toronto which is where she really learned her love of creating baked goods. She started to bake cookies at home and tested endless recipes, which is when Jessica jumped in and decided to start posting on Instagram, and Facebook all the stuffed cookies Carly made for sale online. Everyone was wanting more which is when they turned their home-based business to a full on e-commerce business and started delivering cookies all across Toronto. Two years later they opened their first brick and mortar bakeshop located in the heart of Toronto in the Mount Pleasant Village. Soon after opening their customers have claimed that their cookies have become the best cookies in Toronto! Foxies Bakeshop is a women owned and operated business.

Come on and stop by for a freshly baked cookie in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, you’ll smell the cookies from down the block!


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After developing the perfect recipe, Carly and Jessica opened Foxies Bakeshop in Toronto, Ontario in May 2022 located at 669 Mount Pleasant Road right in the heart of Mount Pleasant Village. For the sister duo it was important that their cookie creations were made with high quality ingredients to ensure their cookies were “not your average cookie”,  but rather they were each stuffed! Each batch of cookies is unique and not just a chocolate chip cookie stuffed with a candy bar. They all have their own cookie dough and each flavour is curated to perfection with different chocolate chips, stuffing’s and toppings. At first, Foxies only offered cookie delivery in Toronto, but once they opened their brick and mortar bakeshop they now offer pick up and cookie delivery all across Toronto, Canada and the USA.


Seasonal Menu:

As Foxies continued to grow, so did their menu. Cookie cakes were introduced as a way for customers to create their own cookie flavour. There are endless topping options making these cakes fully customizable. Each season there is new flavour options that are introduced such  Christmas cookie flavours like Nutella gusher, ginger spiced biscoff, and holiday heaven. With their new packaging the bakery now has an iconic display of their cookies in each box. With multiple box sizes this allows customers to get any amount of cookies for the perfect gift. With the brands signature box, it became the most Instagramable, Tik Tok and Facebook worthy photo and video.

We look forward to meeting you all in our beautiful pink bakeshop! - Carly and Jessica.