What a day in the life looks like at Torontos Best cookie shop!

A day in the life of owning Foxies bakeshop the best stuffed cookies in Toronto!

The day gets started with a rushed coffee on the road on the way to the shop. Then Jessica and Carly call each other on their way into work to talk about what’s the plan for the day. They get to the shop turn on the ovens and look through their emails for any important information that came through over night.
They then decide which rotation to make for the day and which flavours are going on display in the cookie shop. The cookies are baked constantly throughout the day to make sure the flavours are stocked and the amazing aroma fills the streets down Mount Pleasant Village.  

Doors open at 11 am daily so they have to make sure the cookies are baked fresh and ready for customers . Social media posting daily is their go to, to show their loyal fan base what flavours are in store for the day! The phone starts ringing and the emails start flowing in, customers start walking through the doors as they leave with a smiling face and a cookie in hand. There’s no better feeling than owning a cookie shop in Toronto and serving the best stuffed cookies.