Giant Stuffed Cookies in Toronto

Giant stuffed cookies are not just trendy but better yet the ultimate dessert. There’s way more of a creative side to stuffed cookies that our customers appreciate and love. From the dough being stuffed with various chocolates and candies, stuffed cookies are far from your basic chocolate chip cookie. The conversations that come along with the uniqueness and deliciousness keeps people coming back for more. With our cookies all being  ¼ pound each, they can be shared giving everyone the opportunity to try multiple flavours! Each cookie is, and will always be different and unique compared to your average dessert that you buy from the grocery store. 

There are endless options when it comes to our cookies! As we continue to grow, we learn to bring in new products along with just our stuffed cookies. Cookie cakes are the newest addition to the Foxie family and we have noticed our customers are loving them. Our cookies aren’t just a sweet snack they make people smile when they receive them. We strive to stand out to give customers the ultimate experience when unboxing their cookie gift package. The look on their faces when they slice open the most picture-perfect cookie is incredible! We’ve seen our cookies warmed up and served with ice cream in the middle, so the possibilities are infinite!

Of Course, giant stuffed cookies will continue to grow bigger and bigger! With new types of chocolate bars and candies, there will always be options for new cookie flavours! The holidays impact the baking world heavily and we definitely take value in coming up with flavours that reflect each season and holiday. There’s always something to expand on and grow within our business which has led us to stand out and develop over time. Through our social media our customers are heavily involved in helping us decide to create new and different cookies and we feel that this is something that is very important. We are able to interact with our consumers which allows us to grow and create a business that will last.